A Visit with Point Given

Happy birthday to Point Given! It was such a treat to meet this handsome guy at the Kentucky Horse Park last September.

At that time, J is for Justify was still in the relatively early stages. The horses had been selected and some basic research had been done. I dug into the illustrations right away and was less than halfway though them at this point.

The staff was beyond generous. Not only was I able to show PG his portrait, but I also got to pet him and feed him peppermints. I get to experience these things on a daily basis with my own horse, but I was in total fangirl awe in the presence of a superstar. It’s a memory I will always charish.

The Horse Park is such a gem. Though less up close and personal, I still remember meeting John Henry there as a kid. I was excited then because he was my first Breyer horse. He certainly wasn’t my last. Those were the early days of my life long love. These days my newest Justify additions have taken up residence in my office.

I hope that I get to visit Point Given again later this year. But the next visit on the itenerary will be at Ashford. I’m really looking forward to the chance to maybe see Justify and American Pharaoh.

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Lesley Baumann

Lesley A.J. Baumann is an artist, graphic design and horse lover.

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